Ganapati Bappa Morya!!

This is the picture of Lord Ganesh’s Idol that I have made. I have used plaster of paris to make this idol.


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In this section I’ll be writing about all my favourite recipes, tips and tricks.

I never really loved/enjoyed cooking till the time I got married. Cooking for me was….”So that I don’t starve to death” skill. I had acquired the expertise of making ‘maggi’ noodles, bhel, sandwiches,tea and coffee. Though I was not much interested in cooking, I helped my mom in kitchen. She always kept on telling me the ‘basics’ of recipe that she use to make. She insisted that though I might not listen to her, my sub conscious mind will and someday this knowledge will be useful for me. And yes! She was right!!! Now, every day I thank her for that wisdom.

I thought I was a food lover but after getting married I realized that I am not and my husband is! My husband knew all about those vegan dishes which I had never heard of. He was/is a fan of all those veggies which I had labeled ‘Aliens’. He knew exactly what spices went in to which recipe. He could tell from the smell which ingredient is extra/more/less. Though this sounds like a bad thing but it is not. He loves to cook and cooking for him is a stress buster! yippeeeeeee:). But the best part is that from day 1 till today he has never criticized my cooking. He was very supportive in our early days. He always loved whatever I made. He appreciated my every dish and made me feel like i was the best chef!!!! That inspired me to enter the spicy world of ‘cooking’. Soon I realized that its not just cooking but cooking tasty food is the key to success. Then started the relentless search for tasty recipes.


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